Your Online Business. How to Be More Productive and Focused

Published: 24th August 2012
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When first starting out, learning habits to help us be more productive in online business seems to be something most of us need. It's sometimes difficult to set up a routine that will allow you to meet your employer's expectations, when you work online from home, and you have a boss in another location. You have set deadlines you must meet, or you get canned. Period. There is accountability. You have the works habits you need to make it happen or you don't have a job.

However, it's a bit more difficult to set up those important habits when working online with no one looking over your shoulder. It's just you and you alone. When you are the boss of yourself, it's pretty easy to cut yourself way too much slack. This is the reason most internet marketers fail when building an online business. They aren't disciplined enough to make the things happen that need to happen in order to be successful. Then they quit and claim that you can't make a living online, it's all a scam, when in fact most times it's a lack of productivity and time management.

I have a client who told me something that is just gonna have to change in her life if she is going to keep trying to build her online business - but her life is so busy, she doesn't know what to cut out in order to open up some time to work more. I asked her to tell me about what a typical day in her life looks like, from morning til evening when her husband and kids leave til when they come home. She described the previous day to me. She told me that she biked and ran for 2 hours after she got the kids off to school and is not willing to give that up. (very admirable) Then she worked on her business with a client for about an hour. After that she had a leisurely lunch and then a 2 hour bath. She loves her bath time.Then it was time for the kids to come home.

Now I realize that kind of day isn't typical for most of you, but the issues are still the same. Changing habits and holding yourself accountable. You have to have a plan, it needs to realistically fit into your life while still allowing you to be more productive. Having it fit into your lifestyle is why you do what you do, right? So make it fit! Carve out time every week day to work on your business, schedule it, plan how you will use this time and work your plan.

The trick is accountability. It's hard to stick to this long enough to make it a habit sometimes . It's human nature. If you can't be accountable for your productivity, and many can't, then get help. Hire a coach, join a mastermind group, start an accountability group with your peers. Do whatever it takes to make sure you have to be accountable to someone. I can tell you from experience how important this is. I've always had coaches who help me with this and I've noticed when I wasn't getting coaching, that I'm just not as disciplined or focused as I could be.

If you feel like you should be more productive in your online business, get some accountability and watch how much more you get done!


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